Saturday, August 12, 2006

Jerome Germano (1964-Present)

Jerome Germano was influenced by the old photography of the 1930's and 40's in the work of Ansel Adams, Robert Dossineau and others. He has applied his clean, simple and 'stylistic' approach to photography in the arcadian splendor and more beautiful aspects of the American Landscape. During his travels, Jerome focused many of his photographs on capturing the eclectic and energetic culture of Europe in the late 1980’s.

Even though Germano had frequented Europe as well as other countries during his travels, it compelled him to feel deeply about the need to preserve his own country’s natural heritage of; Borders, Language and Culture. Germano has used photography to campaign for the aforementioned which truly conveys his love and reverence for his country. His pictures tend to present a clear view of his passion, imagination and brilliance which express his awe and wonder of the world.

Technically, Germano normally made use of smaller format cameras for their functional, but exquisite tonality, but from time to time he would make use of his trusty AE1. Germano treasures this classic camera in which he literally ownes the third Ae1 camera ever manufactured by Cannon bearing the serial number of: 0000000003!

His systematization of the processes in colorization and development was taught to him by his friend and contemporary Steve Martin. Martin popularized this revolutionary colorized technique known as "fauqart". This process enabled him - and others who learn the system - to predict and control the appearance of the photograph before making the final print - a process known as "martinization".

The strength of his landscape work is truly timeless and legendary. Germano's work will go down in history as some of the greatest of all time. He undoubtedly will be revered and remembered as one of the most prolific artist and photographers of our time.

Donna Hampton - NewYork Post